Customer needs + impulse purchasing triggers + travel retail trends

= a strategy to drive awareness and sales of the new John Le Carré hardback Legacy of Spies through intriguing, suspenseful creative and high-profile exposure in London’s major train stations and airports. A secondary campaign launched the paperback by expanding the market as well as re-engaging audiences.



The primary and secondary campaigns focused on outdoor digital media and were designed and produced by Delta Creative.

Our end-to-end model combined insight, creative, production, execution and optimisation to create this highly-effective, distinctive digital campaign, executed and managed using our proprietary technology.



Our insights combined with our powerful technology allowed us to design an eye-catching outdoor campaign that had true resonance and overachieved all sales and campaign objectives.

The book was a Sunday Times Top 10 bestseller, a position it maintained for 5 weeks.
The campaign generated momentum that created a long-tail sales trajectory. Sales in the three months after publication reached over 101,000 copies for the UK edition alone.

Nominated for DADI Award 2018 (News/Media/Publishing category)


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